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At Call The Bee, we have years of local plumbing experience. Whether you tried to fix it yourself and the repair didn't quite go how you planned, or your problem requires an expert from the get-go, our team has the expertise to fix all your plumbing needs. Home or business, service or new installation, we can help you with your Farmington plumbing needs. We've seen it all:

  • Leak repair
  • Re-piping and pipe replacement
  • Freeze-ups
  • Bathrooms, lavs, toilets, showers and tubs
  • Kitchens, icemakers, facets, disposers
  • Slow drains, drain repair
  • Water filtration and water softeners

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Plumbing Kitchen Plumbing Review for George in Avon, CT
Kitchen Plumbing Avon, CT

Extremely Disappointed I have Called the Bee in the past and was pleased with the service and value. I scheduled an appointment to clear a clogged shower drain and slow draining bathroom sink. The original service was delayed for 2 days for perfectly reasonable reasons. The technician showed up on time for what should have been a routine call, maybe 1.5 to 2 hours being very generous. The quote totaled over $600 for clearing 2 drains manually. The jet clean was over $900 with tax. I could have sent him home and be out the initial $90 booking fee. Given our situation, I agreed to the manual cleaning. My choice. Just letting everyone here know what there pricing model currently looks like for a relatively routine service call/appointment. The technician was pleasant and professional. Unfortunately, his employer did not equip him with the necessary tools to carry out this job in a timely and efficient manner. The manual snake did not clear the shower drain completely. He the went to the truck to use a scope which was not charged, and only had the usb cable. I had to supply the wall plug. After 45 minutes of his standing outside with a colleague he returned with a power snake, abandoning the scope completely. Initially he could not get it to work and had to consult his colleague on the proper operation of the device. Finally the drain was cleared. Turning his attention the bathroom sink, he announced that he did not have the proper tool and woul

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