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Need Central Heat Pump Service In Central Connecticut?

Call Your Local Heat Pump Experts Today

Is there anything worse than finding out that your central heat pump is just not working properly? Call the Bee Services is your source for prompt professional central heat pump repairs.

Like your car, even a good heating and AC system may need occasional repairs. When you think there is a problem with your central heat pump in Hartford, New Haven or Middlesex County call us or click here.

Our United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certified heat pump technicians are trained on all major heat pump brands. Our service vans are stocked with all the parts we are likely to need to get your system back up and operating. This mobile parts inventory includes outdoor fans and fan motors, contactors, capacitors, refrigerant, furnace, and air handler controls, transformers, indoor blowers, and air filtration products.

Get Free Expert Advice Today

Do you need our help? Before you call us, check these items to ensure you really need a service tech:

  • Make sure your thermostat is set to “On” and in the “Heat or Cooling” mode.
  • Check your circuit breaker to ensure that you have not had a nuisance trip and your heat pump does have power.
  • Check your heat switch to make sure it is “On”. This is typically an older toggle switch and may or may not have a Red cover plate.
  • If your breaker or power switch was off, after turning the power on, give it a few minutes: many systems have a built-in time delay.
  • Check your system air filter. It has not been changed recently change it.
Schedule Heat Pump Repair

If it’s a cool winter day we’ll get out to your home or business promptly. We will thoroughly examine your system to determine the problem and we offer up-front per job pricing. There’s a great chance we’ll have you back up one operating in a single call.

Call or click today is are experiencing any of the following issues with your central heat pump system:

  • Not turning on or not cooling, or not heating
  • Indoor temperature too hot or too cold
  • Some rooms are properly conditioned and some are not
  • Indoor coil or refrigerant lines covered with heavy frost or ice
  • Breaker to the outdoor unit tripped more than once
  • A vibration or odd noise with the outdoor or indoor unit
  • Thermostat not working properly

If your central heat pump system is fine today but you want more peace of mind, consider joining our Comfort Assurance Plan (CAP).

With membership, you’ll get a properly maintained system backed by the team at Call the Bee Services, priority when you need service and a discount on any necessary repairs.

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