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Boiler & Hydronics Review for Charles in Litchfield, CT
Planned Boiler Maintenance

Talk about overcharging and raked over the coals. These guys charged me $881.26 for a Combination Fill Valve and Backflow preventer and two established Plumbing supplies outlets told my the price for the same part was $184.12 ! Then the second part for the Boiler Exchanger Liner at the Supply Store was $100.00 These rip off artists charged me $1,010.00 for the same part A 1000% profit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus $361for a regular cleaning .TOTAL COST for the job $2300.00 ! Another HVAC Co. said the whole job and parts and labor would be $780.00. So if you're 68 years old ,live alone and are recovering from a massive Hear Attack DONT CALL THESE PREDATORTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IF YOU DO

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