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31 Total Reviews /files/busy-bee-services-logo.jpg860-606-3866$7 Eastview Dr, Farmington CT

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Call The Bee/files/busy-bee-services-logo.jpg$860-606-38667 Eastview Dr, Farmington CT
Call The Bee/files/busy-bee-services-logo.jpg860-606-3866$7 Eastview Dr, Farmington CT starstarstarstarstar 4.5 / 5 | 31 Total Reviews

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Call The Bee/files/busy-bee-services-logo.jpg$7 Eastview Dr, Farmington CT 860-606-3866"Had a Bosch heat pump AC unit put in they showed up late the first day to install it they rushed through the insulation. I kept asking them questions they kept yes to me, but nobody would give me a definite answer to my questions. I had to wait a week to get the unit up and running, then they sent somebody over who did not show me how to work the thermostat and the thermostat wasn’t the one they quoted me so I think you get stung by the bee in the past I’ve worked with them they were pretty good but something drastically changed right now my unit is down. Granted they did give me three units to put in my window which I’m grateful but I’m upset that I spent $15,000 and I’ve got a unit that’s not working , also the motherboard went on the compressor that’s the problem. I want a new unit and they won’t give it to me so I think twice before doing business with these people again I’m still waiting they haven’t contacted me every time I I asked to speak to a manager or the owner they laugh at me and say oh no so hopefully I get this unit going before I start making the monthly payments "
from Southington , CT on July 11th, 2023
5 (1 / 5)
Call The Bee/files/busy-bee-services-logo.jpg$7 Eastview Dr, Farmington CT 860-606-3866"Terrible home improvement service! I had a new front door and back slider installed. Both doors are extremely drafty! The slider has water build up on the inside track that’s in my house! The slider door freezes shut! Top, bottom, and sides of both installed doors are drafty, I should have kept my old doors in. Paid money for a terrible job. 1/10. If you want home improvement work don’t call the Bee. Other services offered they do a great job at but NOT putting doors in! "
from Bristol, CT on January 16th, 2023
5 (1 / 5)
Call The Bee/files/busy-bee-services-logo.jpg$7 Eastview Dr, Farmington CT 860-606-3866"You charged me $842 for a Honeywell Aquastat but installed a Hydrolevel Hydrostat 3250-PLUS which I can buy online for $188! HYD-ZON31 Taco Zone charged me $745.56. The valve is $134 on Amazon. How much labor does it take? You sent two guys that were here a total of less than 3 hours to do all this work.....$3609.80!!"
from Winsted, CT on November 29th, 2022
5 (1 / 5)

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