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What’s the hype over ductless mini-splits? Developed with recent technological advancements, mini-splits are simpler to install than traditional HVAC systems, particularly when there is no existing ductwork. Mini-split heat pumps have been used worldwide for many years, but have also been rapidly gaining acceptance in the Farmington, CT.

Most often mini-split heat pumps are un-ducted or have limited ducting. They can be single zone (one indoor unit matching up with one outdoor unit), or multi-zone with several indoor units fed from a single outdoor unit.

At Call The Bee, we’re experts in mini-split heat pump installation and service. Our factory-trained technicians have the experience to help maintain or repair an existing mini-split system or install a new energy-efficient system in your Farmington.

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Mini-Split Heat Pump Service Briarcliff Manor, NY

Always get a second opinion! I requested service for my air conditioner, which suddenly stopped cooling my house. The Call the Bee technician arrived on time, and after inspecting the unit and running some diagnostics, he informed me that the refrigerant level was very low, which indicated that there was a leak. Since the unit had been working just fine so far this season, it was probably a large leak. He provided me with three options verbally: first, add a sealant to refrigerant for around $1,000, which was not recommended based on large leak hypothesis. Second option was to find the leak, at a cost over $3,000 (assuming that finding the one leak would solve the problem); this was presented as a risky gamble for 20 year old system, where there might be multiple leaks. The third and recommended option was to replace my system with 2.5 ton new system for between $16,000 and $19,000. I had another technician come, who stated the refrigerant level was a little low, but at an acceptable level, tested and replaced the capacitor, and for a few hundred dollars my problem was solved! No leaks to ferret out, no need for a new unit. In my opinion, the Call the Bee technician was either unqualified (did not test that all components were working, did not know what level of refrigerant was acceptable) or misleading (framed the problem to point to the solution most profitable for his firm). Hard to see any other possibility.

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Mini-Split Heat Pump Service Bristol, CT

Excellent service! The team was wonderful, explained in detail how to use my mini splits. The team was careful with my dogs and cats, they didn’t let them get outside. Very friendly they have high standards with their job performance! Arrived early for the job. 10/10!

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Planned Air Conditioning Maintenance Bristol, CT

Very professional from start to finish, Chris who gave the estimate, gave us all the info answered all of our questions, the two techs that installed the mini splits Tyler and Alex very clean and neat and respectful. Anytime I called the office Jillian was more than helpful If I unable to reach her she would promptly return my call. Even the electrician they use very neat and clean. Could not be happier.

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Mini-Split-Heat Pump Bloomfield, CT

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Ductless Mini Split Mini-Split-Heat Pump Registration for Terry in Avon, CT
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Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-GE18NA Single Zone Mini-Split Heat Pump

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