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General Repair and Fixes For Your Home

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From our home in Burlington, Connecticut, Call the Bee Services can provide you and your family with our handyman services. From general fix and repair, to outdoor build projects, to interior finish work for your home or business we've got you covered. We've been helping the business and home owners here in central Connecticut for years with their plumbing, HVAC, handy man and remodel services. Call us today to schedule your needed home repair, deck build or interior kitchen/bathroom remodel today!

Our Connecticut service license number is S-1:0398566. Our staffing is fully insured and factory trained.

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Call the Bee Services Home Improvement Contractor License: HIC:0658109

Outdoor Builds and Woodwork

If you're considering updating your patio space, fire pit, deck or even your fence now is a great time! Outdoor wood pieces and spaces can become very weathered, depending on where you live and your climate. Here Central Connecticut area we see relatively moderate winter temps, but if you have a large deck, patio space or wood fence surrounding your property it's likely that the wind, rain, snow and sun has left their marks on their finishes.

We can help replace old and weathered wood fence panels or deck boards, railing pieces or trim boards. We can also do trim work, patio refinishes and general fence, deck and patio repair projects. Contact us today for your next outdoor repair or build!

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Smart Home Upgrade Installation

Smart devices are becoming more and more apparent in your home appliances. Everything from refrigerators, laundry machines, dishwashers, home security, ventilation, thermostats and more. Smart devices make controlling the comfort of you and your family extra easy. Our handyman are certified to help you install your needed smart appliance, as long as there is not electrical work involved.

General Home Repair or Fix

Do you have any faulty home pieces that need to be repaired, replaced or fixed? At Call the Bee Services we employ expert technicians for all of our plumbing, HVAC and handyman services. Our professional handymen will perform all of your home repair needs in a quick and courteous manner.

We can perform any and all repairs or fixes in your home but not limited to kitchen remodel, cabinet work, wall repair and general small-scale remodel work. We can also perform window replacement, light painting and drywall work, shelving installation, doorway repair and more. We do NOT perform electrical work.

Interior Update Service

If you've been considering updating any of your interior spaces lately look no further than Call the Bee Services. We're experts at interior finish and remodel jobs such as; bathroom fixture installation, bathroom remodel, living room expansion, light wall remodel, interior painting and drywall work, shelving and cabinet installation, appliance removal, laundry room updates and more.

Let us help you make your home's interior exactly as you've dreamed. Our professional and courteous handymen take serious pride in their work, and enjoy helping you achieve your dream home. Call us today to get a quote for your interior service project!

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